College Counseling

Selecting the proper college will be the most important decision your son or daughter can make. Depending on the student’s English level and education background there are many routes to enter various colleges in the United States. PLW Education has over 20 years experience successfully preparing and sending students to the best universities in the United States. Our program is full service and includes the following deliverables:

Curriculum Planning and Extracurricular Guidance
– Continuously advise students as to which high school classes to take and extracurricular involvement for acceptance into desired colleges
– Provide a planning calendar as well as updates on the latest college admissions news to keep you informed and on-track

College Major and Career Search
– Conduct Personal assessment of your student
– Administer an interest survey to identify your student’s total strengths
– Explore your student’s interests among 300 courses of study
– Get detailed information about college majors and education requirements
– Discuss the relationship of potential college majors to careers
– View career income, job forecast, duties, promotion, salary an advancement requirements

College Search, Selection and Admission
– Examine your student’s capabilities with their transcripts and GPA/SAT scores
– Develop college search criteria and research special admission requirements
– Develop your admission strategy
– Explore for and recommend excellent schools that meet your needs
– Help you apply to colleges and answer questions about your college application
– Assist with your final decision

College Essays
– College essay writing guide discusses essay tips and hints
– Provide up to two edits for each personal statement, essay and short-answer response
– Up to 21 days before the college’s deadline, help you choose your topics, develop the essay and give you ideas that can better communicate your student’s uniqueness.
– We will edit your essays for sentence structure, grammar, correct spelling and word choice
– Edit personal statements and essays into excellent work that honestly expresses your student’s thinking and personality

College Interviews
– Help your student master their college interviews with charm and confidence

Financial Aid
– Assess your student’s eligibility for merit-based scholarships
– Develop and help implement your financial aid strategy to increase merit and need-based aid
– Determine your Expected Family’s Contribution and how to reduce it.
– Guide you to get maximum Federal, State and College Aid
– Assist with follow-up letters to the colleges to increase merit and need-based financial aid offers
– Answer questions about FAFSA and PROFILE financial aid forms
– How to shelter investments to increase financial aid

Private Scholarship Searches
– Perform individualized searches for potential scholarships, grants and internships