Honor Roll

Premier Academy is proud to honor our best and brightest students. The following are “Honor Roll” students and we recognize them for their hard work and progress throughout the year:

Sydney Wuu – 4th Grade – High Point Academy

David Lin – 5th Grade – Arcadia

Edwin Tong – 10th Grade – Mark Keppel High School

William Luochen – 10th Grade – Gabrielino High School

Kitty Lin – 12th Grade – Mark Keppel

Jeffery Lin – 12th Grade – San Gabriel High School

Yoitsu Kamijo – 12th Grade – Aracdia High School

Syrus Jia – 12th Grade – Arcadia High School

Fred Chen – 5th Grade – Clairbourne School

Emily Wu – 11th Grade – San Marino High School

Madison Liu – 7th Grade – Huntington Middle School