Campus Policies

Student Conduct Rules

  1. Cursing or the use of foul language on or about the school premises is prohibited.
  2. No eating or drinking of food or beverages in the classroom. Student will eat and drink only in
    designated areas
  3. Loud talking, shouting, laughing, or arguing is not permitted in the school. This includes any language that is not appropriate, both in the classroom or within the boundaries of the academy.
  4. Respect will be shown to all teachers, T. A.s, and staff.
  5. There shall be no objects in the student’s possession that can be used as possible weapons. This
    includes any objects that the students may find on the premises that may be used to injure another student.
  6. When on break or within one hundred feet of the premises, there will be no throwing of trash or
    spitting on the ground.
  7. Chewing gum is prohibited on Premier Academy.
  8. No smoking on the premises or on the grounds.
  9. No uses, consumption, sale, or possession of alcohol or drugs while on Academy property.
  10. No rough horseplay is allowed.
  11. Any form of harassment is absolutely prohibited by Premier Academy. Any students
    committing any sort of sexual harassment will be dismissed forthwith without refund of any
  12. No running is permitted at the school.
  13. No radios, walkmen,  iPods, or any other electronic devices are allowed in the building. Any other type of devices brought to school are forbidden and will be confiscated.
  14. Destruction of school property is absolutely prohibited.
  15. Appropriate behavior, according to local community standards, will be expected of each
    student at all times.
  16. No stealing of any kind will be tolerated

Any violation committed will be met with one or more of the following disciplinary actions

(depending on the seriousness of the action):

  1. A warning
  2. Suspension for a period of time, without refund of tuition
  3. Permanent expulsion of the student, without refund of tuition

All of these disciplinary actions will be accompanied by a notification to the student’s parents.