Premier Academy

培名学院 Premier Academy

Premier Academy

Since it was founded in 1991, Premier Academy has stood by its goal to create a challenging and stimulating environment.  Students can cultivate and develop their interests and passions through self-confidence and discipline.

Premier Academy Commitment

We are dedicated to provide an enriching and well-rounded experience to enhance our students’ intellect, which gives the students the tools necessary to succeed. The Academy emphasizes fundamental preparation in academic skills in order to achieve elementary excellence, middle school mastery, and college preparation.

Premier Academy Quality

Our faculty of professional instructors offers academic and college counseling shaped to fit each student’s needs for them to gain entrance into the most prestigious universities nationwide.

The Academy gives students personalized attention through academic planning and small classes in a loving yet academically rigorous setting for them to find a balance in their development as a student.

Premier Academy Offers

Study Abroad
Pei Ming Liu Xue, Liu Xue
Study Abroad in the US
Private tutoring
College applications
School Transfer
SAT Test
ACT Test
ESL  (English as a second language)
ELD (English language development)
College counseling
School Guidance
Summer camps
Winter camps
Private boarding schools
Boarding Schools in the US
Top colleges in the United States
Learn English
College essays editing
Financial Aid
College major
Los Angeles education
College transfer
Extra curricular activities
United States top colleges
College Interview
United States college tuition
Top universities in the United States
New Oriental (Xin Dong Fang) in the United States
Best tutoring school in the United States
Best tutoring school in Southern California
Free Consultation
AP Test
AP Testing Center
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Chinese
AP Environmental Science
AP Calculus
AP Statistic
AP Computer Science (Java)
AP History
IVY League
Adult English
Arcadia tutoring center
Best Arcadia tutor
Arcadia after school